2 people have lost someone, but whose loss is the greatest? As both walk trhough the past of each of their loved ones, the constant corssing of the paths in the past is draiwng them closer now...


A sweet voice, intolerable in the bitter atmosphere, demanded an answer from the man in the bed, in his deathbed. Those who were surrounding it, blocking the child out, ignored him; he did not understand, why should he look upon his face, when he’d simply just ask questions that wouldn’t be answered for fear of upsetting him. The boy would have to wait to receive a sugary explanation that daddy was asleep and he wouldn’t be seeing him, he’d gone to heaven.

  First, who was to give it to him? Who would tell him the only thing he had left in the world was gone? The relatives were all mute, non shared a feeling for the young boy who’d floated around their lives, he wasn’t someone they could fawn over, a collective sigh sounded through the room, who wanted to care for this boy when the woman who had connected them to him had left long ago, they had not cared for her, nor cared for him.

Dejected, the boy dribbled out of the room.

“ Freddie?”

The voice had come from the lifeless body, but too late.

The End

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