The ParoxysmMature

Short origin stories of a number of characters in the Supocalypse universe, showing their struggles in this new world after the advent of a virus that killed 99% of the world population and gifted the rest with superpowers.

     The early morning cool blew into the room through the open door, held in place by a dresser never to be used again. The dark sky bled soft drops of rain, showering the tarmac and debris scattered around the edge of the city limits. Soft music played in the bathroom as a fire haired girl dried her locks, sat on the edge of the bath with a slight smile. She licked her lips, pushing her long fringe from her eyes to check the open door, standing up and throwing the damp towel in the bathtub. She grasped her glasses on the side next to the sink, pushing them onto her face and blinking a few times. Vesta sighed, scratching her head, the glasses straining her vision again. It was just a little, but she swore her vision was improving. Leaving that train of thought to derail, she strode towards the bed, fresh clothes arranged in a little bundle. She had fresh shirts and underwear as well as all her personal belongings inside a large backpack, full to the brim with articles. She looked around, removing her glasses as she began undressing. Her fingers were cold upon her back as she pulled off her shirt, muddied and ripped after an incident two days ago involving a rather nasty fall. Her hands lingered upon her stomach a moment, a groan escaping her lips. She stood out of her jeans as she pushed them down, cautiously brushing her fingers against her thighs as she checked the small scuffs on her knees. Now, she decided, wasn’t the time to fret about such simple injuries. She quickly pulled off her underwear, replacing it with a fresh, matching pair. She soon swapped her shirt for a new band shirt, standing there admiring her legs in the eerie night light, a little flustered as she began pulling up the only pair of jeans she had left. Next on the agenda was a quick double check. She took her MP3 player off the side by the sink, placing it in her pocket, checking the drawers for whatever crap she threw in at six the previous evening, pulling out a few tampons she missed and stuffing them unceremoniously into her back pocket. Blushing a little, she sat down with a light gasp and drew her hoodie over her shoulders, pushing her hands through the sleeves, sighing happily as she bent down to collect her favourite boots. She pulled them on eagerly, as if just opened, zipping them up and hauling the bag over her shoulder. She affixed her glasses once more, sighing softly and breathing deeply. There were no words that needed to be said, no silent prayers, no small readings of any texts. She only had herself to thank for getting here safely. So, she took it upon herself to step out from the room without a sound, breathing out as she descended into the lobby. As she pushed open the front doors, a light breeze hit her and made her shiver, but that wasn’t enough to prevent her from taking the next step. Today was the tenth day... today was the start of Vesta Varley’s journey...

To be continued in “The Paroxysm” series

The End

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