An Order of EyesMature

"HYAAAAAH!" A bolt of lightning cracked through the air, arching from Seth's fingertips to the beast's gaping mouth. The monster fell to the ground, among the other four. "Cyclops? Not one, but five? Might as well make me fight a dragon!" Seth shouted to the heavy air. He fell to the ground, gasping for breath, blood pouring out of too many gashes to count. "Maybe I should keep the scars to seem authentic." He contemplated, but taking one step made him realize that the pain was simply too much to walk back to the Guild with. He sat, clasping his hands together, and  focused on the wounds. After about an hour, it was impossible to discern that he had just been in such a battle, apart from the five corpses, of course. "Speaking of which..." He began the task of loading the monsters into a kart. He decided to take one of their filthy broad swords back. Cyclops were known to be expert forgers, so it might be worth something. On the way back, Seth stopped by a river to wash the blood from his black garb. When that task was thoroughly complete, he took a needle and thread to the tares in the outfit. "Blood and tares without gashes. Now THAT would make the master suspicious."


"Here you are, sir. Five cyclops, as ordered. Would you like some fairies with that, sir?" He meant it as a joke, but he didn't think he'd kept the sarcasm from dripping off of his words.

"Uninjured, yet again, I see." growled the Guild Master.

"Uh, yes, sir. You know how slow those monsters can be." He was certainly getting suspicious.

"Hmm." He grumbled, staring Seth down. "Congratulations on making such a contribution to the scientific community. You may retire for the night, Setharos."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." He turned and headed for his quarters.

Seth's room was on the top floor of the Guild, overlooking the rest of the city. It sounds like a lovely view, but the smog bellowing from the factories made it a sight to be disgusted. It was fumes like these that had turned so many other cities into ruins.

He pulled the enormous sword from under his bed. he had gotten it in here without anyone noticing, but now what? The guild confiscated any money he had in exchange for his board, but maybe he could hold on to some this time. "I'll get someone up here to appraise it tomorrow." He thought. 

He removed his black hood and bandana. He had heard that Mitch had run into some trouble outside and took an arrow to the knee. "It's amazing he still one the battle." He admired. But he had to pity him. The only way he would be able stand up within a year would be by magic. Wizards had been driven into hiding decades ago. Sure, Seth helped him once when they were younger, but what if Mitch found out this time? What if anyone found out? "I should at least check up on him."

The End

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