"Shit." Vierra spoke simply.

"No kidding." Leo sighed. He took a stance, placing one foot behind the other.

"Listen," Vierra said, aming her bow at the door. "We are the last warriors of Cloud-dancer, no matter our age."

Beads of sweat formed on Leo's forehead, and he culd feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins.

"The lightning nation must show no weakness. We may be twelve and ten, but no grey warrior can kill us if we stick together." Vierra smiled at Leo with a worried look on her face. "We protect the clouds at all costs."

"I know." Replied Leo. "You're the best friend a kid could ever have, Vierra."

"I love you, Leo." Best friends forever." Vierra said, nudging him playfully.

At that moment, the door burst open, sending shards of oak wood flying everywhere.

Vierra released the bowstring and a bolt of white lightning shot into the cloud of dust. Screams emanated from the other side, most of them saying something like 'Purebloods'.

Leo charged into the crowd and nimbly swung his sword around in a circular motion. When the smoke cleared, Leo, a ten-year-old boy, was standing there covered in blood. A scowl spread over his face as he wiped the sticky substance from his blade. On the ground, forty-one grey guards lay motionless and dismembered.

The End

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