Factions: Saga of LeoMature

Building up into my other couple of stories. :) I really hope this one catches on.

"Why is it," said Leo, "That after you lose everything, you develop something deeper and more important to fight for?"

Vierra just shrugged and smiled. "Leo, there are some questions that we weren't meant to know the answers to." She strung a bow, bringing an even duller sensation into Leo's mind. "Love, even though it is in our grasp to experience, is far beyond our ability to comprehend.  So don't even try."

The pounding on the thick wooden walls intensified. Parts of the ceiling fell all around them. The barred oak doors wouldn't hold Edmond's troops out much longer.

Leo drew his opal-encrusted sword and pressed the flat face of it against his forehead. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of Vierra doing it as well.

"Oh Minerva, goddess of life," They chorused, "Guide us as we go into battle for what may be the last time." Leo shuddered. "We are but your humble servants."

Just as they finished, the first cracks of daylight poured into the room.

The End

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