Midnight romanceMature

Michaela's heart dropped into her stomach. "This is gonna be a long couple of weeks." She groaned.

The three girls all laughed, as Michaela found herself slowly succumbing to friendship's warm embrace.


A few hours later, she awoke to Alexa's gentle touch. "Ssh!" Alexa whispered.

Michaela looked over to Lee and saw her rocking gently in her sleep. She turned over to face her sister. "Why are you still up?" she asked.

"A couple of reasons, actually." Alexa answered, barely above a whisper. "For one, I didn't want to worry about Lee burning down the palace while we were all asleep. You'd think they would have precautionary measures if this was common among fire purebloods." Alexa stroked Michaela's smooth face romantically.

"Hmm..." Michaela mumbled with pleasure. She could feel herself heating up with excitement. "You said a couple... That's just one."

Alexa smiled and passionately kissed Michaela. "That, baby, is number two." She said, before leaning in for more.

Nightime enveloped the two girls, sending them into the unknown, where love always finds a way.

The End

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