Ironic, eh?Mature

"This, my friend," Answered Michaela proudly, "Is an electric guitar."

"Electric guitar?"

"Yeah." She said. "You know that thing I was strumming earlier? That's a type of guitar, an Acoustic. It doesn't need machines to make it sound louder and prettier, it can do it all by itself. Also, the Acoustic guitar has a warmer, richer sound." Michaela couldn't stop talking now. Alexa found it interesting to hear the science of the instrument, but Lee was absolutely spellbound. "However, you can't manipulate the sound you want very easily on Acoustic, and plus, in most circumstances, an Electric guitar can get louder. To add to the plate, you can also play a lot faster on an electric because it has less tension."

"Wow." Lee gasped. "That's complicated."

Alexa laughed.

"What's that about?" Michaela said, playing a quick jazz riff.

Grinning, her sister answered. "Good luck finding a plug-in around here."

The End

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