A few hours later, the girls were in their nightgowns watching the sunset, Michaela and Alexa in one bed, and Lee in hers. Though it had been a somewhat uneventful day, it had given the three a chance to get better aquainted with each other.

"So Lee," Alexa said, cradling her sister. "What is it like outside?"

Lee sat cross-legged on the bed, making fire spawn from her hands; A method of entertainment, obviously. "I really wouldn't know." She said, preoccupied. "Spare the one time with you guys, i've never been outside of the palace walls. Well, at least none that I can recall..."

"Are you serious?" Michaela sat up and pondered Lee's hidden past to herself.

She nodded in response. "Yeah. Which makes being here really fun, because i've heard lots of different kinds of music my whole life... But your styles are really interesting and abstract!" Lee looked at the two twins giddily.

What a treat this must be. Michaela thought. Seriously, for an eight-year-old, this place has to be a blast.

"But I have one real quick question, though..." Lee said, turning towards one corner of the room.

"Shoot." Alexa responded.

"When I was in the room earlier, I was looking around..." She shuffled nervously, as if she would be getting into trouble, but continued. "...And I found something wierd-looking. What is that black thing in the closet?"

Michaela walked towards the closet and slid it open. Awaiting her was her vintage Gibson SG-400 Goth, an amazing electric guitar with gorgeously pure sound, near-perfect harmonics, and the most beautiful black solidbody that a girl could ask for. Also near it was a Line 6 amplifier with a Quantum guitar cable.

The End

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