"This happens often?" Alexa said, keying in on Lee's behavior.

"Well... That's just the thing..." Lee turned around and lay the blanket on the mattress. "You see, I was born into the Ziiu family, and not too long after my birth, my family was... Well..."

"Mi Dispiace Veramente." Michaela said it in italian involuntarily, but Lee somehow understood.

"It's perfectly fine. I find it's better to not know what you lost, so that you do not go through life thinking about how things could have been. But the Ziiu family was made up of mostly psychics and sages. Henceforth, my dreams tend to tell me what will happen before the events take place." Lee opened up the stained glass window and effortlessly incinerated the charred comforter, letting the ashes fall to the ground.

"I thought that Psychics and Fire purebloods were from different factions?" Questioned Alexa.

"That's true, but you have to understand... Psychics from the Knowledge faction, Dation, aren't just limited to seeing the future. They can also use telekenesis, various kinds of mind control, and other powers. My family has the ability to predict the future, but at the same time, we can easily use powers reserved for Fire purebloods. Technically, i'm a warrior of Sear, but I have my perks." She grinned wildly.

When Lee opened the window, it gave Michaela her first look outside during daytime. The air was dry, and although the landscape of the city was blocked by the palace walls, she could guess it was relatively arid. What surprised Michaela the most though was that the sky was a deep cloudy red, but she didn't get much of a look at it before Lee shut the window.

The End

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