Here we go againMature

There was silence. It was a lot to take in, so Hamarabbi gave them a few minutes to soak everything up. After a while, Alexa spoke. "Why should we help you?" She said.

Prince Hamarabbi sighed. "Well, if the fact that our world is in danger isn't enough for you... I believe you had some friends that succumbed to Edmond's charm over in your dimension."

Alexa and Michaela exchanged hopeful looks.

"They are not dead," The Prince continued, "Their souls have simply been cast out, and they are currently stuck in limbo between life and death. You can save them." He said. "All of them."

Michaela took a deep breath and smiled. "When can we leave?"

"Not too fast." Hamarabbi said. "I haven't explained everything. You won't be able to do it alone, so... I'm going to present the idea to the high council to create a tournament. A tournament with the sole goal of uniting the best warriors in the land from all Seven factions. You three --Tempest, Lexi, and Michaela -- have obviously made the winning spots on the Balance roster, considering you're the only three Balance heirs left alive..."

"Wait..." Michaela questioned, "So we're the only three of our kind?"

"Yes, and using your unheard of Pureblood powers, you should be able to heavily contribute to the taking back of our land. Edmond will never suspect Balance warriors, so you shall be able to take him by complete surprise." Prince Hamarabbi lit a pipe and took a long puff.

"How are we supposed to learn how to use our powers if there's nobody out there to teach us?" Alexa said.

The prince blew smoke out the side of his mouth absent-mindedly. "There is an old prophet who we believe has greater knowledge in that area than all of the scriptures on Balance combined. And, well... As upsetting as you may find it, Tempest is getting lessons right now in that current area. Don't worry, you two are right after him on the teacher's agenda."

Michaela stretched her arms back and let out a sigh. "Well what exactly are we supposed to do until then?"

"It won't take any longer than a few days. Just have fun with your possessions, and explore the town. However, well... I have some bad news..." Hamarabbi scratched the back of his neck. "Without items to mask your Qi, or the force that flows through all living things, anyone with a spiritual prescence can spot you out very easily. While most people would fight to defend our cause... Edmond has spies everywhere that would stop at nothing to put an end to your lives at any given moment..."

Alexa leaned forward. "So no shopping, no sightseeing, no bar-hopping, no nothing?"

"Well the palace does have a very nice garden and there is a store downstairs, but... I'm afraid we can't let you outside the palace gates until we get some sort of Qi-blocker made up. I'll get one of my crafstmen on it right away." He said.

Unconvinced that her stay here would be anything other than painfully dull, Alexa held her head in her hands and let out a groan. "Wow."

"Look," The Prince said, "I'm sorry I have to cut this meeting short and all, but I have to head off to attend the high council of Arcadia and sort things out. Warm regards, ladies." He got up, bowed, and walked quickly out of the room.

"Good luck!" The girls called after him, hopefully, yet unsurely.

The End

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