Answers part 2Mature

"However, the love that bonded us together was soon to be broken apart." Hamarabbi took a moment, leaned back in his chair, and continued speaking. "Two decades ago, there was a large disturbance among the forces making up our world. Sages and wise men and women of all cultures, both normals and purebloods, gathered to discuss the issue. After countless days of waiting, they came out of the meeting with a prophecy. This prophecy stated that an evil would soon envelop the land, and only three young siblings -- A young boy and two identical twin girls -- Could save our world, or otherwise known as Arcadia.

"Unfortunately, the lot of Arcadia's population regarded it as pure rubbish and continued to go about their daily lives. It wasn't until a few years later they realized their deadly mistake.

"Two years later, a pureblood extremist named Edmond came to power. Brainwashing the minds of many other purebloods, he created his own nation called Murdoch. Harvesting normals for prey and putting them under his enchanting spell, he attacked many towns all among the lands of Arcadia with his zombie-like armies, commanded by his purebloods. Using his newfound power, he collapsed the power of Balance nation -- or Pangea -- upon itself, and all of it's citizens were eradicated. He quickly took over all of Arcadia's cities, and although he didn't appear there as a politict, his presence was not unknown. Normals and Purebloods were soon engulfed in a match of pure hatred, contesting the entire continent. The Normals all blamed the Purebloods and suspected them for treason, and the Purebloods were constantly being persecuted for being born different. The love was almost gone.

"Fourteen years ago, a mysterious couple -- A man and a heavily pregnant woman -- Wandered into this place, the grand city of Sear, looking for an area to settle down. They stayed in an orphanage and the woman gave birth to triplets, a boy and two identical girls. Soon after this birth, the man and woman vanished, never to be seen again, but the news of this birth didn't take long to reach Edmond's ears.

"Recognizing the prophecy might come true, Edmond sent his best team of purebloods, the G unit, to destroy you before you came of age to see his reckoning. But realizing that there may be hope, a few good purebloods changed your appearance and sent you into another dimension to mature, where you would be safe. Somehow, he got a hold of that information, and sent some of his slaves to kill you. Luckily for you though, his forces were weakened by the wormhole they had to go through, so you had a major advantage. We intercepted you with two of our own, Lee and Inga, so that we could bring you back here and you can defeat Edmond once and for all."

The End

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