Answers part 1Mature

Gratefully, Alexa and Michaela sunk into a sofa by the fire. Across from them, Prince Hamarabbi gazed into the orange light of the fire. He took a long drink of his alchoholic beverage, took a deep breath, and began.

"Since the beginning of time, all eight nations of this world lived in perfect harmony. One might even mistake them for being part of the same country we were all so peaceful. War was a noun that had never reached our ears... Until fourteen years ago." The prince gulped down another ounce of his drink. "This world is made up of eight nations, all running off their own element: Water, Balance, Wind, Knowledge, Earth... Well, actually Earth split up into the nations of Sand and Stone not too many years ago, but anyway... Those five, along with Light, Darkness, and this nation, Fire. Each had their own strengths and weaknesses, but everyone put their differences aside and worked towards the one true aspect of life... Love.

"Among all of these noble citizens were two types of people: Normals and Purebloods. Purebloods had the gift of being able to deal with each element directly. With training, purebloods could do amazing things. Water purebloods could create rain with the snap of their fingers, Light purebloods could dazzle young children with brilliant flashes of lightning, and so on... Normals were just regular people, without powers. For the longest time, they both treated each other equally, and lived in perfect harmony. The only difference between the two that affected their daily lives were the distinctive birthmarks on purebloods' backs; a different design for each different nation..."

The two girls shuffled nervously as they remembered what they had seen the previous night.

The End

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