So much for first impressionsMature

"The great Hamarabbi called you down here to inform you not to pack any of your possessions, because you will be staying in your rooms for quite a while." The woman said. "Also, he regrets to inform you two that he will not see you anymore. All information regarding you will be passed to you through your hand-maiden friend of yours..."

The woman's voice droned on while the mystical firelight danced around the room magically in a way that had enthralled Michaela since her earliest years. To her, the lights dancing about gave the illusion of costumed dancers on a stage. Unfortunantly, this magical moment of hers didn't last very long. As she looked in the direction of Prince Hamarabbi, who was staring at his nails obliviously, Michaela realized something very aggrivating. Prince Hamarabbi was speaking through his servant. Not just because of his 'high stature,' but because of his guests' gender.

It was about then where Michaela lost all self control.

The woman's voice came back into earshot. "...he thanks you very much for your understanding..."

"...If that's the case, then he should say that himself, thank you." Michaela interrupted. The woman took a step back and gasped.

There was a moment of silence, and then Alexa proceeded to jump down the Prince's throat. "Yes, I believe you were going to thank us for something? Something along the lines of our understanding?"

Prince Hamarabbi stared back at his guests angrily. "How dare you speak to me that way." He growled, his servant standing there, astounded at the girls' behavior. She shook her head vigorously, but the royalty in the room kept on talking. "I let you come into my palace, I treat you with food, and this is how you repay me? You wouldn't fathom talking to anyone in your other dimension like this! I can hear it in your voice." Hamarabbi stood up and took his staff up in one hand.

Alexa took a wooden pole from the wall and held it in a striking position. "Let me tell ya' something, big guy." She said, angrily. "My little dimension sure as hell ain't perfect, but where I come from, respect is mutual!" Her pole spun around and found it's place in her hands at a 180 degree angle.

"We came into this room with your highest regards in mind, Prince." Michaela followed up, grabbing a decorated sword sitting in the corner. "And even if we don't leave this room alive, we're going to leave it with your respect."

At that moment, numerous warriors in white chainmail armor entered the room with swords raised high. Immediately, Alexa and Michaela stood back to back with their weapons in hand. Suddenly, the prince stepped forward and broke up the oncoming conflict. "Stop it!" He yelled. "They will kill you all!" Michaela and Alexa were on the verge of becoming even more peeved until they realized the prince was addressing the warriors.

Almost relieved, the warriors wandered off into the corridors. Once again, the crackling of the fire took over the scene, and the Prince walked up to the girls, placing a hand on each of their shoulders. "Look, i'm sorry. It was how I was raised." He held his head in his hands. "To be honest with you, I was doing that to set an example for the rest of my guests, and all of my servants. I should never have treated the two prophecy bearers that way..."

"Prophecy bearers?" The girls chorused.

The prince laughed. "You two don't remember anything, do you?"

Aware of his obviously clueless guests, Hamarabbi sighed. "Sit down. I have a lot of explaining to do."

The End

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