Prince HamarabbiMature

At that moment, the door was kicked in by a frustrated, as usual, Inga. All three girls froze. She looked at the them dissapointingly. "Well, you two," She said, looking at Michaela and Alexa, "The Prince has made his decision. You must come to his parlor at once. Lee, you take them. I think it's about time I get some rest..." She mumbled the last words quietly, obviously upset about something.

Michaela had to get on some shorts and a tube top, and then the three youngest girls walked out of the room.

On arrival in the parlor, Michaela realized for the first time how noble that this prince had to be to own such an establishment. On the walls were paintings of numerous styles, colors, and objects. A fire crackled loudly in a fireplace in the middle of the room. Behind it sat a man wearing gilded robes and golden shoes. His hands were decorated to the brim with rings that seemed to shine the light from the fire directly into the young girls' eyes.

His face was one you would imagine hanging in a hallway. It was long and full of life, much like his stout figure suggested. Unlike a portrait though, the emotions he wore were as cold as ice, if not colder. Not cold with hatred or anger, but with something along the lines of ambivelence. Upon his head was a turban, giving him a Middle-Eastern feel, but the robes clashed with a more oriental style.

A woman walked up beside him. "Good morning, Michaela, Lexi..." She said. "I trust you had breakfast?"

"That has been taken care of." Lee said, straight-faced. For some reason, she had to act different around royalty, or just this woman; Probably something to do with either her status as a servant, or more upsettingly, her status as a female servant.

"You are dismissed." The woman told Lee. Dutifully, Lee curtsied and left the room.

I'll be in your room when you're finished. Lee said in Michaela and Alexa's minds. They both nodded simultaneously.

The End

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