Jam sessionMature

Alexa had just finished pulling the drumset out of the closet in their room. Obviously, their hosts didn't know where to put it. Otherwise, it would have probably gone somewhere more convenient. The young musician sat down on the black padded stool and pumped the bass drum pedal a few times. Despite the simplicity of the rhythm, Michaela found it relaxing to just feel the beat pounding through her veins once again. A simple rhythm like that didn't last for long though. Immediately after the bass drum stop, Alexa jumped into a complicated drum solo. As her sticks twirled around, Michaela realized how lucky she was to have a sister that was just about as musically gifted as herself, and knew that she was taking all of this for granted.

"Hey Michaela?" Alexa said.


"Beast and The Harlot up until guitar solo?" She grinned.

Michaela chuckled and nodded.

Lee sat on the couch in amazement at how such beautiful sounds could come from two young girls. The bright sunlight filtered through the colored glass windows, creating almost a spotlight on the performers. Little did the two girls know that they would be spending quite a lot of time doing the exact same thing in that room over the next couple of weeks.

When they finished, Lee came up to the girls and hugged each of them. "You need to teach me how to do that!" she said enthusiastically. Alexa giggled. "Which one?"

"I like the one that Michaela's holding. It sounds really pretty... No offense, Lexi."

The rejected drummer sighed. "None taken."

The End

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