Mornin' LeeMature

Alexa walked around the bed and faced Michaela. She was wearing a pair of baggy cargo jeans with a tight tanktop. This was her hand-to-hand fighting outfit. A lot of leg room to kick, but complete mobility of your upper body; a classic favorite of Martial Artists.

"So I really thought that it was about time to jam, considering we haven't done it in like... What is it now?" Alexa questioned. "Three or Four days? I seriously need to express some of this anger."

Almost giddily, Michaela scanned the room for her guitar. "Aha!" She exclaimed. In the corner sat an acoustic DMX2 series Acoustic Martin & Co. guitar. She lifted it and pulled on the strap. It felt like a fish being returned to water. As soon as she was about to strum the first chord, Lee opened the door.

"Breakfast!" She yelled, holding out a tray containing some easily recognizable breakfast items.

Annoyed, Michaela strummed a few chords anyway. Despite the new body she had, the chords sounded equally beautiful if not moreso than they had before. Music, she thought to herself, Perfection. Unjudgmental, fair, promising, and relaxing. When all else goes to hell... Music remains.

Lee looked like she had just seen a glimpse of heaven. "Oh my..." She said. "I've never heard something like that before."

"Really?" Alexa said, taking a biscuit from the tray and biting off a piece.

The young girl nodded her head in response. "It's really pretty. I like it, it's like a bunch of bards playing together." She set the tray on a table in the center and sat down in a wooden armchair.

Michalea chuckled contemptly. "You think that's cool? You haven't seen anything yet." she sat down on Alexa's bed and started playing a quiet classical piece while talking. "We have Alexa as our drummer. I doubt you know what that means, but basically, she hits things to a rhythm. It sounds interesting. Lex, demonstrate."

The End

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