Pleasant surprisesMature

Michaela was woken up to Alexa laying over her. "Umm... bad news." She said. Immediately, Michaela sat up straight to look at the clock. Bad choice, she was sent back down to the mattress by a sharp pang in her upper back. "Well, actually good and bad news." Alexa chimed.

"Good news." Michaela groaned.

"We got our stuff back." Replied Alexa, smiling. Michaela turned her head to the left to see, and sure enough, there stood all of she and Alexa's junk. Well, minus Duncan's clothes of course.

Smiling, her head faced Alexa's. "Bad news?"

Alexa smirked. "You have awoken to Mother Nature's greatest gift."

Her sister looked down to the sheets and saw she was right. "Wow..."

"Don't worry," Alexa said. "I already put in a tampon. You just need to change it out every few hours or so."

Wide-eyed, Michaela looked at Alexa surpised.

"Don't worry, I was gentle." She said, winking.

Michaela sat up abruptly, ignoring the pain. Resting her back against the headboard, she looked at the clock over the archway leading to the bathroom. It was 8:55, and the sun was shining brightly through the stained glass window, making the colors dance in their patterns around the floor. During the night at some point, somebody had decided to move them in. Not just like dropping their possessions about the room randomly, but arranging their stuff in certain places. Well, except for a few objects, of course.

The End

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