Talk about luckMature

Following orders, she looked into the mirror and saw something truly scary. She and Alexa looked the exact same. "Holy shit." Duncan gasped.

For a minute, everything stood still. Even the flickering of the candles on the walls seemed to slow down to a stop. Shock set into both of their bodies and the black pit in Duncan's stomach returned once again. After a few minutes, they both got under the covers of Alexa's bed, wanting to be more comfortable.

"Wow." Duncan sighed. "This is going to make things really complicated." She looked into Alexa's eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes... "We like each other, but it isn't just that easy. We're both girls now, we're apparently sisters, and to make matters even worse, we're identical twins..." Duncan didn't know what to do. I just wanted things to work out... she thought, Right when things begin to seem good, right when everything's falling into place... Bam! Why did this have to happen? What will she think... Alexa's deep blue eyes caught her attention once again. Alexa... I love you...

As the first traces of tears jumped to Duncan's eyes, Alexa came to the rescue. Holding Duncan in her arms, she whispered into her sister's ear. "This won't change a thing... I've always loved you. I do right now, and this feeling..." She said, feeling Duncan's soft hair. "Death can only dream of breaking."

The sun was up now. A bell in the distance chimed six times. It was 6 O' Clock, they only had three hours at the most to sleep. Alexa began to feel sleep's grip overtake her.

"I guess, what i'm trying to say here is..." Alexa said softly, "Duncan, I love you."

"Alexa," Duncan murmured in her sleep, "Call me... Michaela."

And as the bell finished ringing, the two girls drifted off into a soft, dreamless sleep.

The End

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