My name is...Mature

Inga and Lee proceeded to walk up the hallway and paused at another room on their right. "You girls will be in here," Lee said. "If you need anything at all, just call us." Lee smiled. Inga walked up the hallway leaving behind Lee, who, once her older friend was out of auditory range, spoke quickly to Duncan and Alexa. "Okay, i'll make this short and sweet." She spoke, checking behind her. "Duncan, your real name is Michaela. Alexa, yours is Lexi. Everybody in the castle will call you these names, so please get used to them."

"Wait," Alexa said, "In the morning will you come and get us too for breakfast?"

Lee shook her head. "No, i'll bring it to you guys. The prince, well..." She paused, eying Duncan awkwardly, "Believes that Tempest deserves to know first, because, you know..." Lee blushed.

"Yeah, I get it." Duncan nodded. "Boy," she sighed, "This is going to take some getting used to."

The young girl chuckled. "Oh yeah, you just wait. It... Gets better."

In the distance, Inga turned around and raised her arms at Lee.

"Gotta go girls, just remember, if you need anything--"

"Lee!" Inga yelled. "Get your scrawny little butt over here!"

Lee rushed off to follow her friend. Alexa chuckled and opened the door to their room.

The End

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