Goodnight CalvinMature

The group walked up a small flight of stairs and arrived in the beautiful ornate entrance hallway of the pagoda.

"Whoah." Calvin gasped. "This is... Beautiful." He said, feeling the smooth, marble walls with his no longer calised hands.

Lee walked over to a set of marble stairs. "Your rooms are up here." She said.

As Inga, Lee, and Calvin walked up the twisting staircase, Alexa helped Duncan keep up with the others. Once they arrived at the top of the stairs, Duncan saw a long hallway that seemed to stretch from there to infinity. Inga opened a door on their left. "This is your room, Tempest." She said, looking at Calvin. "That is your name, and I suggest you get used to it. Everyone in this castle, well... Minus your siblings of course..." Inga said, looking at the baffled faces on Duncan and Alexa. "Oh hell, you'll find out soon enough. You are invited to breakfast with the prince in the morning. Once you wake up, take a bath and get dressed. We'll be here to get you at Nine-Fifteen."

Calvin nodded, waved to Alexa and Duncan, and disappeared into the bedroom.

The End

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