This couldn't get any wierderMature

Alexa turned around. "Lee, take it easy. He didn't ask for this..."

Lee's older counterpart walked up beside Lee and cut off Alexa. "She didn't ask for this, you mean." she turned to Calvin and Duncan. "For your information, my name is Inga."

"What's going on?" Duncan asked, rubbing her eyes. The soreness had began to fade away now, giving her a sense of what her new body felt like. Strangely, at the moment, it felt good.

Alexa walked up to the two girls and spoke in a quiet tone. Despite her efforts, however, Duncan and Calvin could hear her quite easily.

"Should we tell them now?" Alexa asked Lee and Inga.

"It's as good of a time as ever--" Inga began.

"We'll wait until tomorrow, young girl." Lee cut her off. "You all need to get settled in, it's about time you all got some rest."

Duncan shook her head violently as if to clear all of the confusion from her head. Upon resting, her eyes fell on Calvin.

"No offense, love, but..." Calvin chuckled softly, "You look beautiful as a girl."

"Thanks, I guess." Duncan said.

The three other girls came back and faced Duncan and Calvin.

"We need to get you guys to the palace before light." Inga said sternly. "Otherwise, we're going to have to wait another day. We can't take you guys anywhere during the day without something covering your Qi."

"Inga," Lee whispered, "They still don't know what we're talking about."

Inga gave Lee a demented look that could frighten demons, and Lee just resumed toying with her long, shiny, black hair.

The End

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