That Green GentlemanMature

Alexa came over to him and brushed his hair behind his ear. "Shh..." She whispered quietly into Duncan's ear. "We'll deal with this later." An asprin was placed in Duncan's hand. He tossed it in his mouth and swallowed hard. Surpisingly, it was much easier than he had remembered it being.

After a few minutes, he gathered all of his strength and sat up. The shawl that had previously covered him slid off. Duncan leaned up against a weapons cabinet and looked down. What he saw was not his body, it was somebody else's, and to add something else to the plate, it was a girl's. Yes, it was definentily female.

Immediately, Duncan covered herself with the shawl and put it on. "Alexa..." She moaned.

Lex rushed over to her. "Yeah baby?" She said comfortingly.

"The song..." She said, "...By Panic! At The Disco..." Still woozy, Duncan couldn't finish her sentance.

Alexa gave her a slight smile. "That Green Gentleman. I believe it goes--"

"Things have changed for me, but that's okay..." Calvin cut her off with his still amazingly well-balanced voice. Smiling, he walked up to the two in his shawl. "Yeah, i was just thinking of that one myself, but is it okay with you Duncan?"

"Her name is not Duncan, nor has it ever been." The younger one of the girls said. She took a step forward and rested the base of her staff against the ground.

The End

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