G'mornin sunshineMature

Duncan opened his eyes to see Alexa kneeling over him, only, this didn't look like Alexa. It sounded like Alexa, her eyes were like Alexa, but her hair was different, her face was longer. "What's going on here?" He said with a voice he hadn't had since he was eight. He covered his mouth in surpise.

Alexa handed him a shawl. "Put this on, and don't talk. Just lay down." She said soothingly. She decided that was too much for Duncan, and just covered him up with it. The cloth felt warm and comfortable, but his whole body was sore, and he couldn't look down.

A groan erupted over to his left. Calvin! He thought, and turned his head over to that direction. As anyone would've imagined, he woke up cursing, but he still sounded the same yet looked different. His hair was more of a blackish tint than usual, and his skin was more pale than he could have ever imagined. Not to mention of course, he was naked and wet.

Calvin opened his eyes slowly and painfully and rested his gaze upon Duncan. "Duncan?" He moaned.

He nodded and smiled. For some reason, he found Cally strangely intruiging. Duncan succumbed to the pain and returned his sight to the ceiling. For the first time, he realized where they were. They were in the dimly lit provisions room with candles lining the walls. Alexa was in a shawl, like the one she presented to Duncan, and the two girls were sitting in the corner observing the scene, unchanged. Duncan began to sit up when he laid back down in pain, his stomach was cramping up. It's never done that before, why is it doing that now? He began to curl up further under the shawl when he realized that something was in the way of his arms. what the... Duncan thought.

The End

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