The Goddess appearsMature

Now the fourth was the strangest yet most interesting. Unlike all the other dreams, he was looking at the scene through his own eyes. At first, everything was dark. Then suddenly, green lines started appearing all around the place, swirling around as if they were some sort of gas. Somehow, he knew they were all going somewhere, each one had a seperate destination... They were just passing him by as if he was none of their business.

Then suddenly, out of the darkness, a majestic figure appeared. A tall woman with unblemished pale skin and long brown hair stepped out from among the green lines and stared down at him. Her robes were gilded and pure white, with a kind of beauty he had never seen before. Smiling, Duncan reached out to touch her. Out of the darkness walked the same woman, only she wore a red robe instead. The woman's name was Minerva, He knew that for some reason or another.

"Don't let this happen, Michaela." Minerva said, with the most blank face he could imagine.

The Duncan in the dream kept reaching out to the figure in white. "Minerva... I've found you, at last--" He said, before being cut off by a bolt of green lightning. The surface they were on shook violently, and the green lines began to move faster and faster, with ever-growing intensity. Duncan felt a frown of disbelief come to his face as the Minerva in white closed her eyes and shook her head.

"Michaela," The red Minerva said, "Do what is right, no matter how hard it may feel. Or else..." She was interrupted by the cracking of the ground beneath Duncan's feet. Everything seemed to stop. Time hung suspended leaving Duncan with a feeling of powerlessness. The white Minerva raised her arm above her head. For a moment, everything was silent. Then her arm came down to her side. The ground beneath him shattered like a thin sheet of glass, and he was sent hurtling into the unknown depths below.

Her voice rang in his ears. "Duncan..." She said. "Duncan, is that you?"

The End

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