Factions: Long sought answersMature

A continuation of the Factions saga, starring Calvin (Tempest), Alexa (Lexi), and Duncan (Michaela).

Chasing after Alexa, Calvin and Duncan are caught in a dimensional fizzure, and are sent hurtling into the one place they've ever belonged... --->

The best way to describe it would be falling down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, only with much more screaming and much less certainty of what would happen. Duncan felt as if his body was being mashed up like play-doh in the hands of a dangerously upset six-year-old. All of the pain involved was almost too much to bear. After what seemed like forever, Duncan passed out and drifted into a mysterious pool of slumber.

In that sleep, he had four dreams.

The first involved him capturing the higher ranking officer that picked off Carol and feeding parts of his body to the current inhabitants of Felis. For every part of the man's body that he fed to them, a part of the town went back to normal. He continued this until the entire town was once again Felis, Co. Duncan had this dream quite a lot.

Number two was more original, but much more depressing. After conducting a full search of the town, Calvin, Duncan, and Alexa all went up to the entrance sign of the city. It read: Welcome to Felis, Co.! Population, 30,000. Completely convinced all hope was gone, the three painted over the zeros, leaving the sign to read: Welcome to Felis, Co.! Population, 3. Yeah, much more depressing than he would've liked.

Three was happy again. Duncan was at him and Alexa's wedding reception, when everything turned dark and a bed appeared in the middle of the room. Strangely, however, he wasn't stimulated in the way he had been with dreams of he and Alexa before. He would find out why later.

The End

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