Facing Your Fears- In a Literary Way!Mature

This is your chance to face your fears in the world of fantasy! Spiders, vomit, buttons, balloons, zombies, whatever you fear will be the basis of your mini-story! Both rational and irrational fears accepted, it's a phobia free-for-all! Enjoy!

Hi everyone.

As we all know, Fears along with desires, aspirations and other life issues we have are a big part of humanity. But fears have to be the most debillitating in our everyday lives, yet, from a writer's perspective it could be a gold mine of inspiration a basis for a million stories, poems and scripts! Sarah Kane was renowned for writing what scared her and made her sad and although she lost the battle against herself and her own depression in the end, what she wrote is famous for it's dark, gruesome originality today. So, I propose, write something that makes you cringe, or scream or turn your face away in disgust. It can be in whatever genre, style or tone you want. Just go for it, and who knows, it could be a great way to finally face your fears. Happy Writing, Peeps!

The End

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