The Key To Victory

I began to concentrate at the task at hand. I was obviously in a weird fortress/castle.

It was Evil’s Domain.

He had the home field advantage, but I had the element of suprise and the moon sword. I would only get this kind of oppurtunity once.

“The element of surprise can only last for so long!” I thought “But the Moon Sword-”

Was my greatest advantage.

I began to think about the sword, every aspect, everything it had done.

And this sudden change that had happened.

“What does this all mean?”

I remembered what Fear had said about the sword.

Of all the weapons he could chose from why did he choose that?

The moon sword was the perfect representation of balance. It was at half phase right now so it was even. But it was pure white before.

“Could the power of the sword change with each phase?”

I experimented but came forward with no luck.

This was the only chance I had to discover the unknown powers of the sword. If I didn’t figure it out in the time I had.

“I would lose my key to victory.”

The End

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