There Is Nothing To Fear Except Fear Himself

“You are starting to become a best indeed little man.” Fear growled

Fear was a shadow. Not just any shadow. The shadow stank of evil. How is fear the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen?

Fear had a core.

Fear’s core was my mother hanging limply dead.

“What’s the matter James? Afraid to face REALITY!” Fear shrieked

I dropped the sword and fell on my knees.

“Yes James, let me consume you. The mightiest of warriors have fallen to me and you shall too.”

Fear slid towards me.

I stared at my Mother’s corpse and cried.

As I saw the end coming and realized that if I didn’t do something quickly EVERYTHING would be over.

I began searching every fiber of my being at an indescribable speed as Fear slid towards me.

And then I found it. The only thing that could save me.

My Anger.

Fear was coming in what seemed like slow motion.

It took me awhile to see his weakness but I did.

Fear’s paper was embedded in my Mother’s chest.

Fear jumped hesitated in his movement for a second. And I leaped for him.

The End

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