You Sly Dog!

I ran forward. Making the dog land behind me.

“Why couldn’t this sword have an instruction manual!!” I thought

The dog slid some mainly because of the muck all over the place. Seeing the advantage I quickly looked at my surroundings. was in a Torch lit cavern with stalactites hanging from the ceiling and a few coming from the floor.

“What can the moon do!?” I thought as the hulking beast turned around “It draws tides, it reflects light.. That’s it!”

I tilted the sword at an angle. The light refracted off of it and hit the Dog. The dog shied away from the light.

“A weakness!”

I quickly mad a mad-dash for one of the torches on the wall. It wasn’t too far. It was about 20 feet away! The dog not being a dumb animal quickly did the weirdest thing.

It rolled on it’s back.

I stopped.

“What in the World does that dog think he’s doing.”

The dog continued to roll ignoring. Then quickly jumped up and shook the muck off of it’s coat.

Muck flew everywhere.

But worst of all, It put out all the torches!

The End

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