I'm Falling!

AJ awoke and picked himself up of the ground. He slept on the ground so he coudn't fall out of bed. Going to the frige he opened it and helped him self to a breakfast of cold cereal. He had to have some thing cold because he could burn himself. Quickly he made his desion, he hated desions. He was going to try to face his fear of falling. He walked down the side walk and sat down at the bus stop. I bus pulled up and nerviously AJ got on.The bus took him to the rec centre. It's green walls shining in the sun. Careful AJ walked to the Rec through the crowded streets and into the Rec centre. He walked up to a small ticket booth and stood there, wondering weather this wasn't such a good idea after all. AJ had almost dicided he couldn't do it when he saw her. Her ovaler face was frambed by wavy golden hair. her bright blue eyes were pointed ahead of her and she didn't seem to notice AJ. The sight of her gave him couarge and he steped up to the counter. "May I have some tickets for a bunngey jump tour?" he asked Determindly." Sure," replied the girl at the counter, when do you want it?" "As soon as possible" replied AJ. Okay you can have one for this afternoon."answerd the girl handing him a ticket. AJ walked threw the Rec centre nerviously.He lookd at his ticket,It said he had to board a Bus at 1:00 pm. AJ wondered threw the halls of the rec centre intil he came to a small sitting room. There he sat to wait intil i was time to go to the bus stop. He waited and waited intil he could not stand to wait longer. He got up and looked at his watch.It was 12:45, he better get to the bus stop. He got up and went in search of the right bus stop. Timidly he approched a Woman in a blue uniform and askd for directions. She pionted him the right way and lefted.AJ tore through the hall ways. He only had 2 minuits before the bus left.He reached the bus stop just in time to clamer on and give the driver his ticket. The bus ride seemed to take for ever. On and on the road wound.Finally the bumpy ride ended and AJ hobbled of the bus. the tour giude lead them down a steep hill and onto a bridge. There he tied them all to long stringy ropes that were attached to the bridge. He then gave them a safety talk thet Aj listened to entently. Then one by one the other people on the tour steped of the bridge. AJ, His heart pounding looked over the edge and saw everyone bouncing up and down over and over again. Not at all sure what to do, he leaned farther over the bride. But he leaned out to far and plumeted towards the rocky river bed. AJ could hear the wind rushing by him. Soon he would plunge into the icy water of the river, any time now. He felt his head plunge into the icy water. Then to his surprise he bounced out of the water. And then he rembered he was tied to the cord. He bounced up and down over and over again. Finally he got jeerked to a stop. Someone yanked him up to the bridge and untied him. After a little while of silence AJ cried " Lets do it again! That was fun."
The End

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