Facilis Descensus Averno


Sometimes, you can feel it. That moment when your life changes. The moment where the atmosphere stills & then speeds up until there is a new tangible buzz around you, where everything becomes electric. That briefest instance where the clock whirls just a little bit too fast, an irregular tick tock that doesn’t keep in rhythm with its predecessors.

Its almost as if before this moment you have been blind, and the moment that you can open your eyes, you are stung by the intensity & bursting colour of the liquid sun rising from its cage along the vast horizon. An image completely untamed and wild, though it holds you captive. As you see the world through these new eyes, you see it for all it is - infinite. Though the thought is initially pleasant it soon scares you, for despite all the amazing possibilities and good that this can provoke; there is an equal and opposite force.

Just as quickly as the sun and light arrives, the moon & the night descends upon you. The blue-black wings of a raven wrap around you and there is no escape, you suffocate in its grasp as every part of you folds into itself, compressing. Suddenly you wish that you could close your eyes and never open them again and that this brilliancy would fade away. But no matter how hard you close your eyelids, you still see the hot pink as the light penetrates your skin, and still feel that cool iron clasp of the darkness locking itself around you.

After that instant, there is no going back. You can not, and will not escape from this new harsh reality thats burns & chills you, giving you chilblains in the most uncomfortable manner. Suddenly you are thrown through the portal into a world where the lines - between the real and the un real, the light & the dark, the good & the evil - are blurred. Purgatory. Limbo. The place for the lost souls.

You see the pathway to both heaven & hell, but you cannot enter either as neither is your place to be. So you walk this blurred line and try to survive. You can ‘try’ all you like, but you won’t succeed. In this life there is only do and don’t. Until one day, regardless of what you might want, you will be sucked into one of these two dimensions you do not belong in; and the easiest place to land is hell. Enjoy.

The End

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