Faces of War

This is the story i have been working on for a while. It is not at all done, as i have writers block and awaiting new inspiration! I know that character descriptions and the basic plot need to be improved. Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy!


Faces of War

Chapter 1

                I will never forget what I saw. I will never forget what I have done.  The days go by slowly and I now find it hard to sleep. The faces I see in my mind scream at me to save them but I am helpless. I want people to understand so I have decided to right down my story before it’s too late...


                It all started many years ago when I was only 13...

October 1, 2007

                As I sat in class that day I could not think. Every day was the same and I was just bored out of my mind.  As I stared out the window I began to daydream about the usual. I dreamed I was in some foreign country fighting for freedom and peace and that I was a hero and I was saving lives and...

                My daydream was quickly cut short when my teacher told me to copy the notes of the board and to pay attention. I really wasn’t bothered too much. I knew that someday I would really be out there, actually winning medals not just dreaming about them.

                All of a sudden a voice came on the intercom. “Lockdown” was all it said. Quickly we all moved away from the door and windows like we always do during rehearsals. I watched as my friend Josh came in the room. He usually always seemed happy, and he always made jokes about lockdowns, but something was different about him. His face was blank. When he came over to where we were he seemed very jumpy.

                “What’s up?” I asked and he shook his head.

                I was very confused. I could tell there was something wrong with him, like he was sick or worried.

                I suddenly felt something was wrong and I realised that my other friend, Mike, wasn’t there. Suddenly we all heard a large explosion. Immediately someone screamed for help. I knew who it was, it was Mike.

                Without thinking I jumped up and ran for the door. My teacher tried to stop me but she was in shock so she had no chance.

                I bolted to the door and unlocked it and ran out into the hall. Then as I looked around I realised that there where soldiers running down the hall. I was very confused so I stopped one soldier to ask him and he threw me to the ground and stuck his gun in my face. It was then that I realised they were not Canadian soldiers. He didn’t say a word and jumped up and ran to catch up. I looked up to see if he had a flag on his shoulder but there was only a weird symbol and a few words which I didn’t get to read.

                I sat there shocked for a minute then the classroom door swung open. I jumped up and ran because I had to find Mike; I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me. I went down the hallway and turned and almost stepped on someone. As I looked down I realised it was Mike. He was bleeding badly from the stomach. I suddenly felt scared. My adrenaline had gone and all that was left was my fear.

                I kneeled beside him to ask him what happened but before I could say a word he told me. “I’m sho...”was all he could say before passing out. I leaned in closer to check if he was breathing. I couldn’t hear anything so I slung him over my shoulders and ran back towards class. I was surprised I could carry him because he was much bigger than me. I reached the door and, unable to knock, I kicked the door till it opened. When I walked in, everyone was scared. They must have thought I was someone else.

                As I walked over and laid Mike down everyone gathered around. I did my best to help him breath but I didn’t know CPR. My teacher, Mrs. Boudreau did know CPR but it didn’t seem to help. I then realised I had to stop the bleeding if I had any hope of saving him. I took of my sweater and began to tear it into rags. I put the rags over his wounds and told someone to call an ambulance.

                “What happened...?” I whispered to myself.

Chapter 2

                It’s been one day since Mike was shot. It was early morning and when I woke up; I found I was still in the school. My clothes were covered in blood. I looked around the room and saw that everyone was still there, also. I saw Mike sitting up with his back to the wall and I walked over to him. He raised his head and I could see he was in pain.

                “How you doin’?” I asked. He just stared at me for a moment before speaking. His face seemed different then I had known.

                “I’m fine, just hurting” he replied.

                Seeing the he was ok, I walked to the window and pulled back the blinds just enough to peek outside. It was very dark. Smoke covered the harbour. I heard a few explosions followed by some gunfire. It was like nothing I have ever witnessed before.

                I turned to Mike again. “What the hell happened?!” I asked him. He just stared at me. He had no idea.

                I decided that I should go sit down. Just as I got to a seat, I heard gunfire in the school. A lot of the rest of the class woke up. We heard the gunfire again and I jumped of my chair. Three bullets went through the wall.

                Suddenly a man with a gun walked into the classroom. We moved to the back of the room, scared he would shoot us. The man’s clothes were dirty and raggy. He had a sniper rifle in his hands and a gun in his holster.

                “Be calm!” he whispered as he went over to the windows.

                I was the first to go and talk to him. He saw that my clothes were covered in blood.

                “What the hell happened to you?! Are you shot?!” he asked and then I pointed to Mike. He got up from his chair and went over to him. He pulled out a red bag with a white cross on it. It was a first aid kit. From it, he took a small needle with a small brown pouch on it. He found Mike’s wound and stuck the needle right beside it.

                “A little morphine should help him feel better, but he needs to find a doctor, and quick!”

                He then came back to his chair and I talked to him. He told me the harbour was attacked by a battle ship. Landing craft came from it. Soldiers had come onto the land and had shot at anyone who they could see.

                “Did a man come in here and shoot him?” he asked me. I told him the story and he was shocked.

                “Well, I’m gunna use this place as my sniper position, so I need someone to guard the door. He then pulled a colt handgun from its holster and placed it in my hand.

                “Ever used a handgun before?” he asked half jokingly expecting a “No”.

                “Yes I have” I responded, surprising him.

                He handed me three extra clips for the gun. I walked over to Mike and sat beside him with the gun resting on my knees. As I sat there I thought about all of the un-answered questions I had like who shot mike? Who are these soldiers? Why would we get attacked? It was only about five minutes before I heard the man take two shots.

                “Here they come!” he suddenly shouted. I pushed the safety off and sat waiting. I felt helpless, alone, scared. All that I can do now is wait for the soldiers or terrorists (or whoever they are) to come.

Within about two minutes soldiers came to the door. I saw their uniforms through the small window in the door. I knew immediately that they weren’t Canadian. They shouted in some weird language that I didn’t recognize right away.

“Open the f***ing door before we blow your f***ing heads off!” one soldier suddenly shouted. The man had absolutely no accent in his voice. I slowly raised the gun. I seen the fear in all my classmates faces. I got the gun level.

Bang! A bullet flew through the thick wood of the door. I took three shots. I heard screams of pain and fright. I was shocked. Had I just killed a man?

Chapter 3


                As another day of being trapped in this school began, I decided to plan our escape. We have been watching these enemy soldiers or terrorists (or whoever the hell they are), walk around the school. No one has tried to attack us. They probably think there are more of us, and I really wish there were.

                A sudden explosion interrupted my thoughts. I, and everyone else in the room, was thrown around for a moment. Smoke filled our room and people began to choke. I was the first to get up. I began to push my arms through the smoke, looking for a wall or something. I noticed sun beginning to stream through the smoke.

                As I moved across the room, I fell. I fell through the air for only a moment before slamming into the ground. Blood streamed down my face and my head felt like it was going explode. I pulled my gun from its holster as I tried to sit up. Every muscle in my whole body ached. My vision was a bit blurry but I could see the shapes of people moving towards me.

                Suddenly, bullets began to hit the ground all around me. I shot in their direction as I got up to run. I jumped behind a pile of rubble right beside the school. Smoke still filled the air so I felt my way around.

                As I moved around for a place to hide, my hand brushed over some cloth. I tugged at it but it was stuck. I moved closer to it. I then found myself staring into a dead man’s face. I couldn’t believe it. I felt sick as I began to recognize who it was. It was the man with the sniper rifle who had given me the handgun, his sniper rifle still in his hands. I then realized I had not even got to know his name.

                Without giving it much thought, I took the gun. “He doesn’t need it anymore.” I told myself as I went in the school.

                I began to try and find my way back to class. I was nervous about going back up there. I feared that maybe they had been killed in the blast or that maybe they had suffocated with all the smoke. I also feared for Mike. I knew that he was in terrible shape after he was shot and maybe he bled to death.

                As all of these things went through my mind, I wasn’t paying any attention to my surroundings, and I slammed right into someone. Without even thinking, I put my knife in to their throat, fearing it was a soldier. I quickly realized that I was staring into the eyes of, not a soldier, but of a girl I had never seen before. She wore no uniform, so I put my knife away.

                We both stood there for a while just staring at each other. She was beautiful. She had long dark hair that covered her shoulders and her eyes that looked so innocent. She was about my height, too.

                “Who are you?” she asked in a low voice. She looked scared. I looked down at my shirt and remembered that it was covered in blood. I knew why she was scared.

                “I’m Daniel, who are you?” I asked.

                “I’m Karissa. Did you kill someone?” she asked, looking at my shirt and my gun.

                I wasn’t sure what to say. I wasn’t sure if I had killed anyone. I felt terrible about it. “Should I tell her maybe? Would that scare her too much?” I asked myself.

                “To tell you the truth, I have no f***ing idea!” I said. “But if I killed anyone, it was whoever attacked us. Are you lost?”

                She nodded and I motioned for her to follow me. On our way up the stairs, I started to feel dizzy. I stumbled for a moment, and then I continued on.

                “You’re bleeding!” she screamed. I looked down at my stomach and saw that there was more blood than before.

                “Don’t worry about it; we have to keep going on.”

                We finally reached the classroom. I saw a pool of blood at the door in the hallway. There in the middle were the soldiers that had tried to get in. At the time I shot at them, I was not sure if I had killed any, but now I was. Three bodies were there, all curled up, their faces covered. I felt sick.

                I ran into the classroom with Karissa following right behind me. We had startled everyone in the class. Without even looking around, I ran to where the bomb had hit the wall. I began to vomit non-stop. I had never felt so sick before. Everything around me seemed unreal. Everything was turning black. I turned around to see Karissa moving towards me, then I collapsed and everything went black...

Chapter 4

                “How are you feeling?” asked someone in a low, soft voice.

                “Karissa?! Is that you?!” I hollered.

                I felt someone grab my hand. “Yes, it’s me” she said. Her hand felt so warm and comforting.

                “Where are we?”I asked.

                “Still in the school” she said with a sigh. “The good news is that some good soldiers are here to help.”

                She helped me to sit up and I looked around the class. Soldiers with the Canadian flag on their shoulders moved around the class, guns in hand. I looked down at my stomach and I saw that I was wrapped in many bandages.

                “Why are there bandages on me?” I asked Karissa.

                “You got shot a couple of times. You passed out from blood loss”

                “That doesn’t make sense!” I screamed in outrage. “It’s not my blood! It’s Mikes! He got shot; I got his blood on me!”

                Nothing was making any sense. If I was really shot, then when did that happened? I had felt no pain. I still feel no pain. I only feel tired and sick.

                I then got up. As I did so, a sharp pain shot through me. I ignored it and I went over to the hole in the wall. As I leaned against what was left of the wall, I looked out over the harbour. Smoke filled the air but I could still see large ships in the water. Smoke came from the sides of some of them, though I could not see why.

                “You might want this” a soldier said as he threw me a c7 assault rifle. “We can trust you with this, we’ve seen you using your pistol against the enemy, and this makes the work easier.”

                The reality of what was happening was beginning to sink in. Someone attacked the harbour, and whoever did it is still here, looking for a good fight. I didn’t even know how many days it had been since the attacks began.

                “Who is attacking us?” I asked the soldier.

                He shrugged and he looked away. “I wish I knew for certain, but I don’t know. They could be terrorists, but I doubt that. Whoever attacked us has years of training and plenty of money. They must need this harbour for something, maybe so they can get supplies in for a larger invasion.”

                I then turned to Karissa. “Why haven’t I ever seen you before?” I asked her.

                “Because I had just moved into town a few days ago” she replied. “I got lost when the first bombs hit. I tried to find my way back to my class, and when I got there no one was there. I think all of the other classes evacuated.”

                I looked around the classroom again. I spotted Mike with his head down. I slowly walked over to him, kneeled beside him, and nudged his shoulder slightly. He didn’t move so I called his name.

                Someone came up behind me and put their hand on my shoulder.

                “He died a few hours ago...” said a voice. I knew that it was Karissa. “He started to bleed again, and... well... we just couldn’t stop it.” She said as she began to cry.

                “Stop crying, please” I said as I touched her hand, which was still on my shoulder.

                “What is going to happen to all of us? Are we all going to die?” she asked as she put her head on my shoulder. “Why... why did this happen to us?”

                “I won’t let you die” I whispered into her ear. “I promise.”

Chapter 5

October 5, 2007

                Another day and we are still in the school. When the Canadian soldiers found us, they had brought some rations, but we are now running out of food. Sooner or later, we were going to have to leave the school, or we would starve.

                At this point, after many days here in the school I couldn’t believe that we hadn’t been killed. I was also surprised that we were not rescued. I also found that I was sadder. I had not seen my family in a long time. My cell-phone had stopped working soon after we were attacked, so I could not call them, either. Many of the people in my class spent long periods of time huddled together crying. It was a depressing sight, knowing we might not ever get home again.

                Within minutes, we all heard gunfire. Bullets began to hit the side of the school. I crawled over to the hole in the wall to look out. From there I could see a fully painted black LAV 3 firing in our direction.

                “We have to get out of here!!” I screamed, causing everyone to get up and run for the door. I watched as one of the soldiers got hit by bullet. It had hit him square in the chest, leaving a huge hole. He collapsed, and that was the last of him.

                We left the classroom, and ran down the hallway. I saw bullets flying through the walls and I was very surprised that no one was hit. I heard a voice behind me and I turned around. Soldiers dressed in all black were taking aim at us!

                I pulled the trigger of my m16 and it unleashed a burst of fire at them. I saw four out of five of them fall. I hit the last soldier with two bullets. Blood poured from his upper right leg and the left side of his chest.

                I was then knocked over by the impact of something.

                “I’m hit!” I screamed as I let out a few more bullets at the enemy soldier. It hit him right between the eyes and he fell over dead.

                A couple of soldiers rushed to my side. They grabbed my shirt and began to pull me.

                “Stop!” I screamed. “I can walk!”

                They let me go for a moment and I tried to get up. I couldn’t. I was horrified. They began to pull me and I touched my stomach. I then looked at my hand. It was covered in blood.

Chapter 6

October 7, 2007

                It has been two days since we escaped from the school. We have stayed in hiding to avoid patrols. During that time, we rationed all of our food and medical supplies. I could now walk. We were just about ready to leave.

                We left early in the morning, using the cover of the night. Even though we were all glad to be moving, we all still felt afraid. We all knew that someone, most likely the enemy if anyone, could be watching us with night-vision goggles.

                After walking for about an hour, we found a small camp. It was in a bombed building and we noticed that it was abandoned. As we walked in, the soldiers that were carrying me set me down. I immediately grabbed my gun and I laid it across my stomach. I hardly even noticed that Karissa had come over to sit by me.

                “How are you feeling?” she said as she put her hand on my forehead, checking my temperature.

                “I’m fine” I said as I gently moved her hand off my forehead. “I just need some rest.”

                A few hours went by and the soldiers began to move around and start talking more, something was definitely happening. I went over to see what was going on (actually walking for the first time in a while) and I was told to go sit down. I was very insulted. I was fighting in this war, too!

                “Tell me what’s going on!” I demanded, getting their attention immediately.

                “None of your business, kid!” a soldier said back.

                By this point I was furious. I was doing the same job he was! I had already killed to protect my friends! What right does he have to say I shouldn’t know?! It just isn’t right. My anger suddenly spilt out...

                “Okay, so why shouldn’t I know? I’ve been with this group longer than any of you soldiers! I’ve killed people for this group! What have you done for us? Oh, that’s right! Nothing, you just showed up and joined us! I have just as much right to know what’s going on as any of you!”

                Suddenly, they all looked at me in shock. “So are you gunna tell me or not?” I asked.

                After a moment of silence, I think they realized that I was serious. One soldier then stepped forward and began whispering in my ear. He explained that enemy soldiers had taken control of most of the city and that a patrol could be seen executing people.

The End

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