Allisonville. A good place to live. Pretty name, dangerous people. On the outside it looked like a small town, 11,000 people roughly, no-one stayed for long so they could never keep a perfectly accurate count... But if you lived there, you'd see why no-one stayed.
twenty murder/theft cases per two weeks. Scared now?
Anyways, I stayed. So did the many friends I had that stuck with me all this time, especially Merci Sanders. She was practicly my other half. Always together. So much so, our teachers made us switch classes.
Today was my 16th Birthday. A party was set up, as always.
About 11-14 people would be there, smaller party than usual..With all the moving, I don't blame them.
I was startled as someone knocked on my door a bit violently, but went to anwser nontheless.
As soon as I opened the door I was attacked in a hug from Merci. I let out a loud squeal as I fell backwards onto my rather large Dachshund, Badger.
Merci and I have been friends since grade one, when she spilled red paint all over my favorite jeans. We've been together ever since.
The thing is, I don't understand how. While shes outside climbing trees, I'm inside, finding new ways to make my hair look pretty.
But 16 years of friendship is a long time. From my first braces, to when I got Badger(6 years ago, If you're wondering, aha.) Nontheless, I've always been there for her, and shes always been here for me.

The End

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