The woman of my soul

Looking around, Charity walked towards the building that over looked her. Walking through the large oak doors, she was hit with a wave of  a distinct smells; oil paint and ancient dust. The high walls were covered with thousands of exquisite paintings. Enchanted by this new world of art, she walked through many aisles admiring the paintings. Highlighting one wall, was a large painting that caught her eye. It was of a young lady with grey eyes, long blonde hair with waves running through it. 

She was beautiful.

Charity took slow steps towards the painting, admiring the breathtaking beauty that the painting held. The artist had taken much time and care in imprinting the woman likeness onto the canvas. Even to the finer details like the beauty spot that was place elegantly on the lady's cheekbone. Once close enough, she read the gold plaque below the painting:

'The Woman of my Soul, by Unknown.'

She reached out to the plaque and ran her fingers over the scarred engraving, following the curves in the writing. She felt touched, that someone loved this woman so much to paint her to last forever. She slowly studied the painting, focusing on the young lady's eyes. Charity became trapped in the young lady's gaze. It sent a warm feeling through her body. 

Charity forced herself away from the painting, focusing on the ceiling, where cupid's flew through frozen skies. her feet started to travel as she followed the story painted upon the ceiling.

Charity felt her balance diminish. She began to fall but never reached the ground as arms were wrapped around her.

'You should watch where you're going!'

The End

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