Charity is mindlessly walking through the streets, pondering about her new face she has gained. She admitted that it was better than the others she has had in the past but it never stopped the shocked feeling she has every time someone touched her. In despair, she kicked at the ground, causing grains of rock to soar into the air, hitting an old man pushing a crowded shopping trolley. Charity rushed over to him as she heard his staggered groans. 

'Oh, I am sorry, are you alright?' Charity asked as she put her arm around his body to support him. He was clutching his stomach, holding his hands up in gesture for her to give him a moment. 

'I'm alright dear, when you are at my age, you'll know worse than a small stone.' 

'Are you sure?' 

'Perfectly. Do you mind me asking, why you was throwing stones?' he said lightly showing a kind smile on his ash black skin.

'I wasn't throwing, I was kicking the ground.' 

'Potato, Patata.' He sang merrily, pushing his trolley forwards. Charity stood there watching the man in bewilderment. He looked over his shoulder, 'Are you coming dear?'

'Going where?' 

'For a walk, of course' Showing his kind smile again. Regardless of all thoughts about strangers, she followed the man.

They walked in silence, she took her time to examine the peculiar old man with salt and pepper hair. His clothes were baggy and caked in dirt. All his worldly belongings were packed high in the trolley. 'Name's Brandy, by the way.' He chirped.

'My name is Charity.' 

'What a pretty name, reminds me of my Charlotte. Oh, but that was a long time ago now. So where you heading?'

'I thought you said we was going for a walk?'

'Yes but every walk has a destination, what's yours?'

'I don't know.' 

'You'll find out soon enough.'

The silence fills the air as Charity takes in his words, It felt like a short walk when Brandy eventually comes to a halt. 'This is where we part ways, my dear.'

'What do you mean?'

He chuckles softly to himself. 'I mean, I have to go this way, but you need to go in there.' He pointed at a large, old building. Charity follows his finger staring at the museum which stood beside them. When she turns back, Brandy was already on his way. 

She yelled, 'Wait!' Brandy looked over his shoulder with a small grin. 'Where is your destination then?'

'With any luck, it is this way. I want you to remember something dear, the darkness is our past catching up on us. I sense darkness in you child and you must find the light before it consumes you.' Charity stood dumbfounded watching the old man, turn to carry on his way.

Leaving her in front of a building full of light. 

The End

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