Just need time...

'Well at least you got rid of those god damn freckles.' She glances up at the mirror to see Rumps leaning in the doorway. 

'You didn't like them?' Charity half-heartedly inquired.

Rumps sighed as he pushed his hands through his hair, standing up he came closer to Charity, resting his hands on her shoulders. 'It doesn't matter love, you'll be someone else again soon.' Charity felt her stomach drop at the thought of knowing her face will never be the same.

'Come on now love, don't be pulling those faces now,' he said as he pats her shoulders lightly. Charity gave a faint smile in response. 

He sighs, reaching into this pocket, 'here you are love, go get yourself something pretty and please stop frowning, scares away the punters.' Charity took the money from Rumps, stood without a glance back at the mirror. She started to walk towards the door, then mumbled a faint thanks to Rumps. It may have seemed that she was being ungrateful but Rumps knew she just needed time.

The End

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