Wandering down the tight knit streets of screaming cars and fumed filled air, Charity hunched over looking towards the floor as she heads towards home avoiding human contact like the plague. She had always been like this, for as long as she could remember, avoiding people was vital as the consequences was something she could not bare. She glanced upwards as she passed a window, not recognising the face staring back at her. Today she bared firey red hair, freckle dusted skin and a hawk shaped nose. It was only her eyes that revealed that the face looking back at her was herself. Those trade mark grey eyes were her only true possession.

Through distraction, she didn't notice the lady rushing towards her, brushing against her skin as she marched past. Charity shivered in contact, she knew. Without hesitation, she sprinted down a narrow alley, it smelt of rotting food and illegal produce, the sight was not too pleasant  either. Trash over flowed their bin cages and rats were free to bath in the filth. It was an unwelcoming sight.

But to Charity, it was home.

She pushed open an iron door, a wave of smoke and sounds rushed at her.  'Alright love, where you been all day?' shouted a balding, overweight, grubby man behind an equally unpleasant appearing bar. 

'No where Rumps!' She replied in a rush.

As she started to ascend the staircase, when Rumps bellowed after her, 'Where you off to love?'

She answered, 'It's happened.' Before slamming the door between her and the bar. The little apartment was more of a welcome to her than being downstairs with the unlawful people who bare the company in Rumps' bar. She glanced at the cracked watch that sat upon her wrist, it read 6.20. It's almost time. She darted towards her dressing table, and sat, staring at the mirror in front of her.

Now she waited.

Time seemed to tick by slowly, she repeatedly glanced at her watch. Her heart thumped with anxiety, as she fiddled with an old heavy locket around her neck. Who will I become this time? As she watched her hair twisted into thick curls and darkened to the colour of oak brown. The freckles dissolved into pale flesh and her nose shrunk into a petite button. It was only her eyes that remained the same. She forever wanders when her face changes, why her eyes stay the same. 

This is her new face, for now.



The End

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