A mysterious woman travels down the pathway of her past in search of her identity of which she cannot remember. Where ever she treads the darkness follows, what secrets does it hide?

Surrounded by trees, a small spring green cottage stood, cloaked with ivy. A petite girl attended a tea party with her bears beneath the willow tree by the river front. The low setting sun shimmered upon the calm river. The girl dressed in an over-sized wedding dress, now smeared in mud, served the royal bear wearing an old heavy locket, invisible tea.

All of a sudden, the clouds started to roll in, concealing the suns light from view. A fog crawled over the river towards the girl. A chill crept through her bones as she began to notice the fog. The burning of eyes soared upon her but saw nothing. Fear seeped through her skin as she lunged for her bear and hoisted the hem of the dress, she then ran towards the house. 

As she fort through the fog, it fort back, blocking her view of the house. The foul stench of rotting skin whiffed up her nose causing her to gag violently. As tears streamed down her face, a blurred figure stood in the distance, hidden within the fog. Their cries merely a whisper in the fog but she heard, 'Locket... Put... on... Never... Off!' She reached towards the bear with shaking hands, grabbed the locket and put it on.

Then she was gone, never to be seen.

The End

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