Gadilina's parents had been murdered when she was just a child and her fiance died by being lit on fire and his face was torn off (he died 2 years before the story starts) becomes a detecive. She is in a fake engagement with her best friend Mike, only because his parents pushed him to aske someone. Gadilina soon gets caught up in a new case. she starts to uncover a lot of evidence. Soon Gailina starts to realize that the man who rasied her might be involved with everyone's murders.

               “She is dead, we believe it was a common homicide and we sort of have a lead. No sir we do not know the man specifically. Well we do know that there are plenty of women that are disappearing, and we know that it has to be the same man\woman. Yes sir we are looking. Yes sir. Have a good day sir.” I slowly slid the phone off of my face. It was a cold day and I was standing just beside a body recognized as Ms. Fedila Frod and she had plenty of burn wounds and her face had been cut off. Her arms were gone and her feet laid beside her plenty bloody. The physical death was estimated about an hour or so ago. Her house was gone due to flames, and her husband was flying in from Los Angeles. The end of my day was near, and I was about to head home. “Well detective, do we have anything?” “Sorry sir, nothing. This woman was having no connection to anyone except her husband and work. I think though I have some things I really need to check out.” “Alright detective, by the way you don’t need to call me ‘sir’ all the time. Just take the rest of the night off. I’ll see you bright and early Monday.” “ThanksLieutenant, see you bright and early Monday.” I slipped a smile to him and left.

                “Babe you cannot get so caught up with this ‘case’ is going to land you straight into a depression!” I stared into my best friend’s eyes. He had dark chocolate eyes, and he had a death stare. He called me babe because he needed a girl to pretend to be engaged to. His parents were pushing him so hard to get married, that he asked me to just wear a ring and “pretend to be extremely happy with him”. So I played a long and simply replied “The case is none of your concern, I won’t get as stressed any more don’t worry about it” I paused for just a moment then sarcastically spat “Babe”. We were out at the same coffee shop where we “first met” at least that’s what he told his parents. He also “proposed” to me there. Really the only proposing he did was come to my room (we live in the same apartment building) get on one knee and ask if we could “act”. While we are still on the subject of love I will mention that I do not like his explanation, just because I had been proposed to in that coffee shop. But he died while cheating on me, his mistress lit him on fire and then ran off turning off the water and all liquids were assumed to be taken out. After the fire his face had been torn off, this was weird because that’s how my parents had died. Luckily I met Zacc who has taken care of me all the way to today. He has looked out for me and done everything to help these past two years. Zacc and I had really come to the coffee shop to discuss our trip to his parent’s house this weekend.


The End

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