Face Skye


"Face it Skye. Skye Malizia, wake up and face what you've done.


"Because of your selfishness, you have damaged the world. You gave yourself a code to follow and you broke it, now look what's happened. You abandonned it when you needed it most, all to do what? Die, that's what. And here you are, lying before me, already accepting your fate. Have you not the courage to question me? Do you believe me to be omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient to every aspect of your life?


"I'll entertain the idea. Perhaps I am the narrator of your life, Skye. Perhaps I know every detail, everything you are thinking, every prayer you've made. As far as you are concerned, I am your God.


"You are a plague. Ever since infancy you have caused pain. You were the product of an affair, and you killed your mother with your existence. You were brought into the family of the woman scorned by your father, and although she tried with every ounce of her soul to love you, the fact you look just like your mother is like a slap to the face every time she looks at you.


"Your father feared losing another woman he loved, and so he detached himself from you. You have been held at arms length all your life, with no one to talk to when you are in need. The toll-free helplines were no good, and you never fit in with your peers. Your first and only best friend died from an accidental overdose of cough medicine under the watchful eye of a sleeping babysitter, and ever since then you've been wise and kept away from the other children.


"Until now. You had to go and befriend him. High school brings out the rawest of emotions, and your loneliness bested you. He never would have looked at you twice if you hadn't been so damn enchanting; hovering over the fifth floor window, ready to jump. Your would-be black hair licking around your pale face, the startled look in your icy eyes. The distress.


"There is something so attractive to young boys about a lost cause. And you should have been lost. Lost forever that night. But when you slipped and when he caught you, he gave you something to live for. And now here you are, cradling over his cold corpse.

"Open your eyes, Skye Malizia. Show me what you've done."


The End

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