Meeting the Doctor

"Randy come on!" I said for probably the third time in 2 minutes. "Put that thing away, we're here."

"Cool it broskee, I'm in the middle of battling Agatha.

I opened my mouth, ready to chew him out for whatever was keeping him, but I realized that I couldn't really blame him for anything. He was playing Pokemon. Everything else was second priority right now.

"Fine. Hurry up though. The others have already gone inside."

A few minutes, and many pokeballs later, Randy's gameboy had been stashed in his bag and we were headed inside.

Yes. Teenagers do still play Pokemon. At least... the cool ones do. Which makes Randy, Ed, Forrest, Craig, and Myself the coolest kids in the world.

The hospital foyer was actually kinda fun-looking, which makes sense if you think about it. When people check in mentally un-stable patients, they don't want to leave them at a place that resembles an evil scientists lab. If they do, then perhaps they belong in one themselves...

Sarina's father hadn't come down yet so we hung out in the lounge for a few minutes. Randy pulled his pokemon back out, and the rest of us guys followed suit. That left Karly and Sarina to chat while we waited for the doctor. I didn't listen to what they said, not because I was so completely engulfed in Pokemon that I didn't pay attention to anything else... it's just impolite. Yeah.

A few minutes later a man in jeans and a polo shirt stepped out of the elevator. Sarina didn't pay him much attention so I assumed that it wasn't her father. The man ambled over in our direction and just sort of... hovered near us.

He watched us long enough to pass into the "uncomfortable" zone and a few us traded annoyed glances when he wasn't looking at us. Eventually, the awkward grew unbearable and I stood up to confront the man.

"Um... is there something we could help you sir?"

"Hm? Oh. No. I'm just waiting for some folks."

"Some folks?"

"Yes. I'm supposed to lead them on a tour of the building. My daughter  invited them."

I glanced at Sarina, who shrugged, and then I turned back to the man.

"Umm... what is your daughter's name?"


I looked back at Sarina, who gave me another confused look and a head shake.

"Is that her?" I asked, pointing to Sarina.


"When was this group supposed to arrive?"


It was noon.

"What were you going to do with them?"

"Give them a tour."

We were supposed to be given a tour.

"Where did they live?"


My brow furrowed, and I looked back at my friends who seemed just as confused as I was.

""Sir... are you sure we aren't the group you are waiting for?"

"Absolutely. I'd think I'd recognize my own daughter thank you.

"Oh. Yes... of course. I'm sorry."

"Oh it's no problem. She was bringing a friend and a few of her friend's friends."

This was too much of a coincidence.

"Sir. That's us."

"No it's not."

"Yes it is. We are from Sherburne, this girl is named Sarina, and I'm her friend."

"She said friend was handsome."

Behind me I could hear the guys unsuccessfully trying to hide some laughs. Even Sarina was trying not to smile.

"Sir I-"

"Listen BOY. I know what my daughter and her friends look like, and YOU. ARE. NOT. THEM."

"Hey! You don't need to start shouting. You were stalking us if I remember correctly... if anyone should get mad it's us."

The guy got up in my face and started poking me in the chest, "Listen hotshot maybe you should go and-"

Sarina came to my defense, "Listen dad just leave him alone. He's right."

I nodded and opened my mouth to say one last comment, then stopped.

I looked at Sarina. Sarina looked at the man. The man looked back at her. Very slowly, Sarina's face broke into a smile and grew a little red. The man also started to shake, and then the two of them burst out laughing.

"Sarina!" The man said between chuckles, "You ruined it!"

"I'm... sorry!" she answered back, "I didn't... try to! It was... just a slip of the tongue!"

And here I was wondering what the heck was going on.

The man turned to me and proffered a hand, "I'm Doctor Sweeney. Sarina's father. Thanks for being such a good sport!"

I shook his hand, still trying to make sense of this whole thing and it slowly began to dawn on me.

This whole thing was a joke set up between Sarina and her dad.

Wow. I dimly felt that I shouldn't be feeling as stupid as I was currently feeling, but I continued to feel stupid regardless.

"Don't feel bad son, I do this a lot. Now please, follow me, and we'll begin the tour!"

The End

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