Face It

"I'm not sure how I feel about this" Ed stated.

"Yeah me neither. It'll be informative I'm sure, but the whole 'Kids will be part of demonstrations' disclaimer on the notice that the doctor had us sign kinda scares me" agreed Karly.

It was my high school buddies and I. Well, we couldn't be called "High-Schoolers" anymore I suppose. With Sarina as the sole exception, we had all just finished High School the week before. Graduation was coming up in a few days. We were excited to say the least, but there was a bit of... I don't know... sadness, lingering. You never really appreciate something until you realize that you're never going to be around it again.

That "something" was friends in this case. Graduation was cool and all, but without school we wouldn't be seeing each other as much as we used to. Especially after we left for college. That was actually why we found ourselves in a van, on our way to a mental hospital.

"We" consisted of Alex, Craig, Randy, Ed, Forrest, Karly, and Sarina. Which one am I? I'm Alex. Craig is my best friend. Randy is my  vice-best friend, as are Ed, Forrest, and Karly. Sarina is a special case. I met her at camp a year ago. She found me on Facebook, and we've been chatting pretty much everyday since then. We've only met a few times since camp, and the first meeting didn't count. That backstory  is a long one and is a story for another time; but needless to say... I get nervous around most girls. Also needless to say, I like her.

But don't tell anyone, they'll tease me. Not because she's not good looking or anything, she's actually really pretty no matter what she thinks of herself. People will tease because, despite popular belief, I don't get too many girls. Not that I've got Sarina but... it's a work in progress.


Sarina was visiting the little town of Sherburne, where all of us except her live. Her dad is a doctor in a somewhat nearby hospital, he loves visitors, and Sarina invited me and a few friends to take a tour. Since we didn't have much time before all us went our separate ways, we made this a group activity.

"Regardless of what we may think about this" I said, "We agreed to make this a memorable field trip. Let's relax and enjoy this ok?"

"Fine" Karly muttered, "As long as I don't have to be in a demonstration."

"Jeezum Karl!" Forrest said, using one of Karly's long standing nicknames, "This a professional institution, where we'll be given a tour by a professional doctor. Don't worry about the demonstrations! I think we should all take part in at least one."

"Actually" Sarina piped up, "If I my dad is showing you what I think he's showing you, we'll all have to be in a demonstration. A pretty cool one too."

"And what might that be?" Karly asked. A little harshly too. Karly, I forgot to mention, may be in love with me. She jokes, at least I think they're jokes, about the two of us getting married some day in the future, and she knows that I have a thing for Sarina. I'd have to be careful about that.

"I can't tell you." Sarina said with a wink. "Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise now would I?"

The rest of the drive passed by rather quickly, full of jokes, small conversations, and the recounting of some memories. Ed, who was driving, took a left, pulled into a large parking lot, and brought the car to a stop.

In my best GPS voice I said, "You have reached your destination."

The End

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