Belle's favorite book from Beauty and the Beast.

Prologue: A kingdom lost

The queen sat in her throne room, still as a statue. She held her head high, proudly, her finest crown on her head. Just outside the castle walls, a battle raged. She could hear it. Swords clashing on armor. Steel on steel. Finally, the noise died down. Slowly. As the sun set, there was silence. A single man stumbled into the grand room, bleeding from several wounds in his arms, chest and back.

"What news of our victory, captain?" The queen asked. The man sank to his knees in front of her, he shook his head weakly.

"There has been no victory, your highness." He gasped. "We are lost." He sank to the floor. Dead. The queen stood up as many soldiers crashed through the door.

"This castle belongs to me now." Said the man leading, a cruel smile coming over his face. He made a motion with his hands and several men came and grabbed the queen, holding her still.

"Lock her up, and find her son. My own son will go on this throne, as king." He lounged in the throne as more men dashed away. The queen didnt struggle, she continued to stand tall, for she had a secret.

Some distance away, a dark figure vanished into the forest.

The End

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