Autumn 2009

“So, do anything good over the summer?
I hide a smile. Ezme needn’t know.

“No. You?”

“Not really. I’ve been trying to get into a music writing workshop with sports afterwards -kind of like summer camp- but with no luck. Oh, and…”

Ezme’s voice drops to a whisper, and we all lean in, eagerly expectant.

“…Okay don’t tell anybody, guys, but… I’m thinking of dumping Daniel. His sister’s ‘acquaintance’ is not worth the trouble it causes, and that guy himself-”

“Now in sixth form and thinking of changing schools-”

“-Whatever. That guy hasn’t been doing anything lately to help my music. The V-Blog is not doing much either, even after I put up two more videos, I just got more hate-ratings. But I suppose I did everything too late…”

Ezme trails off as we sink into thought.

Hmm, we think, she hasn’t really given up on her music career, has she? There could still be some hope.

“Speaking of dumping,” Nickie pipes up, “Miss Berry has been fired.”

“I heard Mr. Beech chucked her out,” Emma says cheerfully.

“Don’t be silly, you two,” Shona responds, “They couldn’t afford a scandal, so Miss Berry left before her reputation rotted.”

It is clear to me that we already have a scandal on our hands. But Miss Berry gone? Who will assist me with all the metaphorical, onomatopoeic and alliterical skills I  might need in Ezme’s story? Who will read the final draft and comment on my art? Who will be there to support me throughout the good and bad times of my teens? Who?   

Tears blink at my eyes and I walk away from those others. Times have changed too much.

Times have changed for Ezme, no longer being pressured by the older years who have left or matured.

For me, the times have been hard. Yes, Ezme has had her troubles too, but I’ve been craving for any notice since I joined this school. Ezme may have reached her goals, but we- the outcasts- have only had reflected glory… Just like the moon: mystical but overshadowed by the sun that shines forever…

“I know what you’re thinking,” Ezme suddenly inspects us closely. I notice that I’m not the only one to visibly jump.

“You’re wondering how Mr. Beech will be in our GCSE RS lessons. He’s matured over the years, as we have… and it could be awkward.”

I sigh with relief.

“Yeah, I am.”



The End

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