Spring 2009

“Ezme…Ezme…” I lean on a doorframe, calling down the corridor to the girl as she makes her way to her new lesson.

Ezme sighs, and turns. “What is it, Jess? I don’t have time for games.”

 “Still in a blue mood from earlier, huh? Well, I have some good news for you.” I let the white object in my hand flap above my head, reminding me of a surrender flag. But no way is this a signal for the end…the opposite, in fact.

Ezme frowns, and I can tell that she is trying to decipher the object I have.


“You have to come here and see.”


“It isn’t a game. Come here.”

Five seconds later and Ezme is in front of me…and still as grumpy as a rhino.


I press the white object into her hand, “You’re in.”


“You really don’t get what I’ve been on about, do you? The local performance you auditioned for, well you got it! It’s only the chorus, but it’s better than any silly school play, don’t you think?”

“What!” The girl is gob-smacked, as she inspects the envelope I had passed to her, “I wondered where this got to. You stole it!”

I laugh; at least Ezme’s mood is much lighter now.

“Oh, and Miss Berry was looking for you. Did she…” Ezme’s bubbly tone starts to disappear down the corridor, as she sees another of her friends and quickly follows after them, presumably to spread the news. I’m happy for her.


I walk down the corridor towards Miss Berry’s top floor classroom, the bare off-white walls looking closer to me more than ever with no people flocking around in between them. Lesson five on this Wednesday is my free lesson because I no longer take French, a language which has always escaped my grasp. When I first learnt I could rid myself of it, it was like breathing pure air again.

Stopping outside Miss Berry’s room, I peer through the little glass window to see if she is ready for me, but gasp and duck back down below.

I did not just see what I saw! I did not just see Miss Berry and Mr. Beech snogging!

The End

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