Going Online


Spring 2009

They swarm around her: metaphorically flies with buzzes as loud as the world to fill all our ears.

“Does that mean you’re doing the play then?”

“This has nothing to do with-”

“Hey, Ezme, is it true that you’re on the internet?”

“Shut up!” Ezme yells, a firm authority in her voice that the others will respond to, because it’s the same tone as our most of our teachers use. For a mouse-girl, she sure has a loud voice.

As though reading my mind, Ezme turns and gives her famous as-wide-as-sky grin.

“It comes with being an actress and singer.”

“I still think ya should have done the Christmas Talent Show, doll. It’s good publicity.” Daniel pipes up.

“I don’t want this type of publicity!” Ezme snaps, waving her hands around the room.  Hmm, maybe the mouse has turned into a tiger. I had caught a snippet of a rumour that the school’s ‘golden couple’ are going over a ‘rough patch’; that their passion and love are dying down and that we should “expect an imminent break-up”. But should I believe what the Year 11s are saying? Ezme seems happy with Daniel, though the school’s play with Bernice in her place did throw Ezme off the course of cheerfulness for a while…

A couple of ‘outcasts’, Becky and Emma, squint down to Ezme’s hands which are whizzing over the keys of a keyboard, faster than Olympic Medallists Chris Hoy or Rebecca Adlington. Ezme’s face, too, is concentrated with the effort of writing so much in a little box online.

“So it is true that you’re on the internet?”

The click of Ezme’s computer mouse is loud and an indicator to the objects on the screen. There in front of our eyes is Ezme’s website.

“A ‘V-Blog’ where I can post videos of me singing.” She explains.

“Do you expect us to cheer?” Nickie sneers, she hasn’t been having such a successful few months, but fitting in always is hard. “I tell you, it’s gonna be a bad idea.”

I ruffle Nickie’s hair, patronizingly, which I know really annoys her. Good, she deserves it for being so down-putting to Ezme.

“Nah, people, especially the rest of our year (you know how much they liked your recorded preview) will love it! I don’t know why you haven’t tried anymore previews…”

“You know why,” Ezme snaps again, still in a negative mood, “We don’t have the time or the equipment-”

“Hmmph.” I don’t want to call her a liar but…

“Are you calling me a liar?”

“Ezme…” Not only me, but several other voices cry out.

“Of course not.”

Ezme rolls her eyes, “You’re lucky you have your band behind you,” and then she turns back to her laptop screen.

“This is what I want.” And yes, she is content as she speaks and hums to herself.

I look across at a tattered white envelope, lying at least twenty centimetres away from Ezme. It is still untouched.

The End

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