Francis Ezme Winters

Autumn 2008

“I knew that I was an outcast the first minute I stepped through the gates of PheonixTail High Drama School; ‘Harry Potter’ circular glasses, short, flat figure with legs as thin as tree branches and absolutely no talent whatsoever!”

“You’re a brilliant actress!” Nickie pipes up. Ezme and I both glare at her, our expressions coming down on her like German Bomber aeroplanes. The loud girl finally shuts her mouth and I gesture for Ezme to continue.

“Maybe I was…Maybe I wasn’t. But even so, it took me a whole year to realise what I actually wanted to do with the rest of my life. A whole year, imagine that!

“In Year Seven I hadn’t found any trends in my work patterns. Yes, I had a special liking for Latin, and my Science scores were always top of the form…But this didn’t make me anymore liked. In fact, I was probably hated even more for it. In that first year, I even experienced the pain of being bullied. It was probably because of my appearance, voice and no talent…No, don’t try and interrupt, I really did have no talent back then.

“Growing up in Year Eight was also just as lonely, though I had Jess…even if we didn’t know it at the time. And,” Ezme pauses and takes a deep breath as her cheeks darken pink. “Of course, there was also Dan.

“Okay you may speak now.”

Aside from the fact that she is treating us a little like lowly servants; telling us when to speak or not, I admire Ezme’s talent with storytelling. She can conjure little scenes and images out of nowhere and place them straight into our minds, fully formed. I wish I have the same ability to tell the ‘perfect’ story, and to have people-friends and enemies too- hang onto my every word. Man, I’m jealous!

That is probably why, the entire room (that’s five of us) suddenly erupts into speech, like a volcano of sound.

“Was it really like that, Ezie?-”

“Oh come on, I was there!”

“What was it like?”

“Tell us more…”

“I don’t believe-”

“Shut it!” Ezme yells loudly over the hubbub. She sure has a powerful voice! Kind of like a foghorn…

“Interview over, okay. I’m done with talking!” So with that she turns and storms out of the room.

Is it just my imagination, or does she have tears in her eyes?

The End

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