Making Plans

Summer 2008

We stare at Daniel Swift. Me in doubt, Ezme in joyous radiance.

“What did you say…?” she whispers. Daniel comes to her side and assists her up, after giving me a bit of a glare.

“I had to come here. Miss Berry said you two were absent…”

Miss Berry…The only golden-haired sugar-sweet single female teacher in the school (though rumours are going round that she is having an affair with Mr. Beech) who happens to be my supportive English teacher. I couldn’t ask for better encouragement- and now I was missing a ‘star struck’ lesson with her to protect Ezme.

“If it’s Miss Berry, I better get going,” I mutter, one hand already on the doorknob.

“Wait, girly,” Daniel calls me back, still holding Ezme’s hands, “Francis could do with your help.”

“Please stay, Jess,” Ezme pleads then goes on to explain their plan:

“If Daniel composes for me, whilst I write the lyrics and, perhaps, some of the melody, then we use the Music ‘shed’s’ recording equipment to finalise the songs, will you advertise me?”

“But I am so invisible-”

Exactement girl-you’ll be able to get anywhere you please, and put up posters before the Year Group realises they’ve been infiltrated. You in?”

I pause for a moment. But only a moment. It’s risky, but what harm can come from trying?

“Okay-but now I really should be getting to English…”

“Sure,” the two of them answer together like a pair of love birds.

“Oh,” a sudden thought hits me as I leave, “Who do you want to be on the posters?”

Ezme’s answer is short and sweet to her ears:

“FrankiE W”

The End

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