Business? N0t Only

Spring/Summer 2008

In the next few months though, it became apparent that their arrangement wasn’t ‘Business only’.


I have never seen Ezme so happy. Daniel is a rock made entirely out of musical notes that are holding that girl out of the sea of Year 10 madness. At first it seemed Ezme would not take up his offer but I saw that scene one day, late Friday a week after Daniel had proposed their partnership.


“Heya doll,” Daniel had one arm carrying his slate grey rucksack, the other out-stretched towards Ezme. “Ready to go?”

Ezme looked anxiously around before nodding and taking it. Daniel looked a little uneasy, but must have thought that he would not be spotted. Only once did Ezme glance around and see that I was watching the pair of them. And even then she continued on with her silence. As I slipped into the Mercedes Benz waiting by the main entrance (and attracting a lot of attention) I saw Daniel lead Ezme down a narrow alleyway that I had found out lead to his house…


A couple of weeks later the news spread around our school like a wildfire out of control that they had been spotted snogging. When questioned, Daniel didn’t deny it; he even seemed smug to have scored a musical diva as his girl, even if half the school considered her a clown, a freak. C’est la vie. I suppose we fall for whoever we fall for.


The End

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