Present Day

Ezme spreads the article out in front of her keyboard, as though it is the gentle notes that she will be playing.

“Teen Author Dies in Tragic Car Crash,” reads its headline.

“Whenever you’re ready,” calls the man behind the mixing desk.

“This is for my friends in 11A who still stuck up for me, even after all I did and especially when Jess wasn’t there…” Ezme announces into the microphone, in her cool, and calm, smooth British voice. 

She ponders that she should be learning her many lines, or maybe revising for the big GCSE year ahead, but Ezme has finally realised that, although she can’t have it all: the fame, the love, the popularity, she can still have both the things that she’s truly always wanted, and loved the most: her singing and acting. Who knows, even little Nickie might join her up on The West End some day! With that knowledge that Ezme possesses and holds dear to her heart, she becomes more powerful than any of the cleverest scholars.

She adjusts the mic attached by almost-invisible wires above her keyboard, strikes a chord and starts to sing in her unusual voice. This is it. She has taken the plunge into the cavern, no doubt filled with fire, no doubt filled with a sea of burning, joyous opportunity.


“Come on, come one,

Don’t you see the trouble?

Come on, come on,

All the hurt that you’ve caused…


I know you’re blind,

‘Cause you don’t see their crying;

You take your time,

So the information doesn’t sink in.

And if you find

That the seat next you is empty,

Don’t come calling to me,

‘Cause I haven’t stopped my grieving.



Oh… Oh…

Another girl,

She’s just another girl in this world.

Oh… Oh…

You won’t remember her as the one we knew.

Oh… Oh…

That author who is dead and gone,

(Oh… Oh…)

She just happened to be the one.

(The one who cared for me)


You’re probably smart,

Smart on the inside (inside),

But I don’t get how

You live out your mind.

If the world-

Is gonna be against us,

She’ll protect me

‘Cause she never would make a fuss.




You’re a stupid one; stupid one

(Plenty to think about now)

You were pretty dumb, pretty dumb

(Plenty to think about now)

Are you a sorry one? Sorry one?

(Think about what you’ve done)

You didn’t drive her to her death,

But you didn’t make life any easier,

And the guy who drove right over her,

He probably regrets more than you…

Even though he never knew her, true.



You’re a stupid one; stupid one,

Come on, come on,

Look at what you’ve done.”


Repeat and fade

* * *

And so, that is the story of Francis Winters. It will still continue on for years and years, but now that she knows which way to reach, she will live out her life happily, her mind settled enough to return pleasant.





The End

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